Once upon a time...

There was a blind girl who hated herself because of being blind. She hated everyone except her boyfriend.

One day the girl said that if she could only see the world she would marry her boyfriend, one day someone donated their eyes 2 her and then she saw everything including her boyfriend, her boyfriend ask her:
- Now that you can see, will you marry me?

The girl was shocked when she saw her boyfriend is also blind, and she refuse to marry him.

... Her boyfriend walks away with tears and said:
- Just take care of my eyes dear!!

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but i think the jender is not so important maybe if that girl was a boy ,did that act,word is cruel like the people but there are some exeptions like that people that we love rasti tavalode khodam nabood tavalode doostam bood,mamnoon bekhatere nazar


جالب بود...


سلام چرا غیر فعال ؟