Should Iran develop nuclear energy

BBC website recently put the question about “Should Iran be allowed to pursue nuclear energy” on its “Have your say” webpage. Visiting the website, I collect some interesting  answers to this question.

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First of all the whole debate is skewed. Even the BBC's question - whether <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Iran should be "allowed" to develop a nuclear program - says a lot about Western arrogance.


Having no evidence to prove their allegation, the west is accusing Iran of nuclear bombs. Iran has not attacked another country for over 300 years. The only rational behind their claim is that “Iran with nuclear technology is dangerous”. A wise reader of that website asks these questions and hoped that somebody could answer them:


1)      What is the only country in the world to have ever used nuclear weapons?

2)      What country in the world has the largest stockpile of weapons of mass destruction?

3)      What country in the world has most recently used chemical weapons against civilian population centers?

4)      Which country has been proved to lie to the international community about weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East?


If unjustified accusation is the best the west can do, Maybe the western diplomats do not understand the very basic rules of diplomacy and justice, and maybe president Ahmedinejad is the best person they should get to talk to.


If the so-called international community (i.e. USA + Western Europe + Russia) can "allow" Israel to systematically annex and occupy Palestinian land and develop nuclear weapons without inspection, then it has no moral authority whatsoever to condemn Iran.

The most popular answer to these questions relates Iranian president’s recent statement about Israel and Iranian’s desperate will to continue research about nukes. In Justifying use of nuclear bombs against Japanese, one American reader quotes from an Italian in 16th century that “Freedom isn't free and being free isn't safe”.

Do you think with this way of reasoning, Iran should trust America?If the BBC had asked the question "Should the world trust Israel?” it would no doubt be labeled anti-Semitic. But for some reason it is not when that question is posed about Iran.
Iran hasn't attacked any other country in last centuries. The US and Israel have. The same two countries who are the most vocal about Iran. It seems a case of "do as I say, not as I do."

What is the next step? Justification!

Israel's use of nukes is justified for self-defense; that they are not a member of NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty), and because they have a democratic government. The same is applied for India and Pakistan.

Destabilized Middle East or showed to be destabilized?

Iran develops nuclear weapons, Iran nuc's Israel, Israel nuc's Iran, middle east invades Israel, western aid arrives late and in its last dying days Israel nuc's the capitals of all the middle eastern nations attacking it. While this is happening Iraq is being invaded by Iran as they attack the western troops stationed there, the whole region collapses and other world powers invade to secure oil supplies who all inevitably fight each other. Death toll in the 10's of millions and a shattered world. Pessimist? Me?? millze mills, Bath, UK

Read The Guardian’s contumelious article about middle east.

To conclude, Possibly Farnaz gave the nice explanation that even though I despise the government of Iran, I am still very proud to be the citizen of a country that stands up to the bullies and braves the colonial powers of the "past". I don't think West is worried about the bomb as much as they are worried about Iran’s oil and Natural wealth. They benefit from showing Iran as a danger for the world security.

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John Muller

No, Iran is NOT trustworthy in this context. Are they stable enough to join the nuclear club? No. Are the existing club members likely to approve them as a new member? No. Is that fair? No. Are there double standards at work here? Certainly. Do the existing club members care? Not really. Is any of that sufficiently relevant to overcome concerns about security? No – and that’s the real test - nothing else signifies. This was an EU show, not the US. It was worth trying. Too bad your opposites were negotiating in bad faith.


من ترجمم زياد خوب نيست الان هم که انقدر فکرم مشغول امتحانام که ديگه اصلا نمی تونم بفهمم چی نوشتی ):


ميرم فعلا متنهای فارسی توبخونم.

A friend

1. Iran’s deception and concealment idea while no unsupervised enrichment has been performed by far neither no prove of violation is found is just nonsense in the manner of a demagogue. 2. Besides, Iranian government just supports a Palestinian state who governs all Palestine occupied land as well. So simply “wipe-out” = “get-lost” to Israeli government! 3. Consequently Iran’s decision in developing nuclear energy is backed by knowledgeable people who really know what’s the story.


باز مهتاب قصه ای ديگر می گويد / واندر آن شب تار نغمه ای با سحر می گويد /می گويد از بحر خزان اين دل ما را چه شدست / که اين گونه ديوانه وار نغمه بی ثمر می گويد. خوب بيد : ۵۰ تومان وشد.


امیرجان داشتم دنبال یه شعر عشقولانه میگشتم این جمله رو دیدم، یه ذره زننده اس اما خب هست دیگه...میگن: عشق مانندتپه ای است که هر خری از آن بالامی رود.


خب البته این رو هم پیدا کردم...(قبلی شوخی بود): ميگويندشيشه ها احساس ندارند اما وقتي روي شيشه بخارزده اي نوشتم دوستت دارم ارام گريست